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Friday, April 22, 2011

My nieces - Greenport photographer

On the same day that I took photos of Miss L and Little Miss L, my nieces came over for some photos. We were trying to get my son in the photo with them but he was not in any mood to cooperate. Luckily for me, my nieces were more than willing and I think the photos came out great. These girls are SO cute!

Easter shoot (Part 1) - Greenport Photographer

I did a photoshoot with Miss L back in November for her Christmas photos (see here).  This was before her little sister (Little Miss L) arrived back in January.  Miss L and Little Miss L's mom and I have been trying to schedule a shoot since Little Miss L was born and our schedules finally clicked.  I hope you like your preview!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Luke's buddy, Mister L - Greenport Photographer

Mister L is one of Luke's best buddies and he came by for his 2 year old photos. I had a hard time keeping Luke out of the photos but Luke did do a good job of cracking Mister L up. 

Mister L's and his gorgeous mom!

As you can tell, Mister L had just about had it towards the end.

Luke's Christmas shoot (a little late)

Each year, I know that I will at least get some great photos of Luke for our annual Christmas card. This year we were able to get him outside for some nice weather and got some great shots of him. He is getting so big...sniff, sniff...